After 6 months traveling around South Africa and Australia, eating, drinking and not doing much at all to keep me fit, I was left feeling quite unhealthy. I had put on quite a few kilos and once I got back to Spain I was on a mission to lose it, but it really wasn’t as easy as I thought that it was going to be. I started dieting, training twice a day and eating a lot less than I normally would and I started to feel a tiny bit obsessed with it all.

When I came back from traveling I went back to Javea (Costa Blanca, Spain) to stay with my parents. My mum is an amaaaazing cook and has always cooked very healthy food- but even from eating healthy and working out as I much as I could, I still wasn’t getting anywhere. I remember getting myself so stressed out as I didn’t fit into some of my clothes anymore and 3 months down the line I was still on the scales every day and not seeing hardly any differences at all. Then it was the time of the year for me to move back to Ibiza again and carry on working at Amnesia. I carried on being pretty obsessed with trying to get fit again and after a month back at work I got a call to start work at Mediapro, which was a huge step for me and I was very excited about. All of a sudden my mind was completely taken off of losing weight and keeping fit as I had so much to be excited about. I was so happy about my career move that I didn’t really have time to think about anything else. Then, a couple of months later, I realized that I was back to how I used to be. I felt my normal happy self again and at the weight that I’d always been at. With this I think that sometimes we get too obsessed about losing weight and keeping fit. Once I’d stopped thinking about it, it was as if everything just fell in to place. Maybe sometimes we just over think everything.

I had tried so many different diets, fat burners, juicing diets, egg diets… That are all just terrible for you. Diets are terrible! Even by doing these diets you may lose it quickly but it all just goes straight back on… Trust me. So I decided that it was time to completely change the way I eat and think about food. Food is to enjoy, not to stress over. I completely cut out fast food, fried foods, sweets, biscuits, meat (I haven’t eaten meat for a year now- but this is another story) and anything that doesn’t really give us much goodness. I started to learn so many new recipes, Madeline Shaw and Deliciously Ella being my favorite books to follow and planning my meals out which I think is so so important! Every Monday I plan out what I’m going to cook and eat that week, what I’m going to buy at the supermarket and when I’m going to eat out. This may sound silly but it really helps you not eat just anything and a great way for you to know what you’ve eaten in the past days. It’s all about finding a balance in your what you eat. If I’ve been eating well all week, I don’t feel bad at all about going for a nice meal and not have to think about if I can order a chocolate coulant for dessert.

I have such a sweet tooth but that doesn’t mean I eat loads of chocolate biscuits or cakes anymore. I’ve found such healthier and yummier choices that don’t contain the rubbish a chocolate bar does. And this has been what my adventure has been all about- Finding healthier and cleaner ways to eat without having to feel obsessed or over think about it. This last year has been an amazing adventure for me. I have learnt a completely new way to cook and enjoy food and I have so much more energy, feel fresher, happier and better in myself.

So now when you think ‘I’m going on a diet’, maybe you shouldn’t go on a diet for a week but change your habits and follow a healthier lifestyle for life. Once you’ve got your head round this I promise you’ll think about what you eat in such a different way. Sometimes I don’t think we realize how much rubbish we put in to our bodies and how bad some things are for us… So, skip the diet and just eat healthy!