Happy 2017!
Where does the time go…? I’ve no idea. Hope you all had a great Christmas.
I had a lovely time, I went to Jávea (Alicante, Spain) to stay with my Mum and Dad, grandparents, cousins and brother. 7 days of fun, food (lots of food), drink, fun and games. On the 30th I took the train up to Madrid to spend New years eve. I didn’t go out on the 31st but on the  1st, to WAN festival. The line up was great, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Paso Osuna, The Martinez Brothers… It sounded fantastic. So that was my first dance of 2017! It was a long dance too!
New years resolutions? Only a couple of things, to write more- I’m terrible. I find it hard to actually sit myself down and to just concentrate on writing something. But this year WILL be different. I am going to write much more in my blog. That’s what I made it for! To be more organised- I’m such a nightmare. My wardrobe, oh my goodness. I just don’t know why I can’t keep it tidy. I really don’t. To change my eating habits- I haven’t eaten meat for 2 years now, best decision I ever made. I still eat fish on odd occasions, the reason being that in Spain it is very hard to be vegetarian. I eat out about 3 times a week and there really aren’t a lot of vegetarian options, although it’s starting to get better. But I still would like to cut down on the amount of refined sugar that enters my body. Which I know, is hard as it’s in nearly EVERYTHING, but I’m going to try to cut it out as much as possible.
And I think thats it… Not too many. 2016 was a fun year, although pretty hard. I had a lot of changes, quit my job, set up by myself and that wasn’t an easy challenge. It still isn’t easy but I know it will get easier as time goes on! But I’m so ready for a new year, new projects, challenges and plenty of GOOD TIMES!
I hope you guys are too, happy 2017 my friends x
Presents!Christmas dinner table
Me and Jordan