As you may already know, a few weeks ago me and Alex set off to Japan, a trip that I had been wanting to go on for years, so as you can imagine, I was SO excited! We had been in Amsterdam for a few days for ADE, and flew straight from there. ADE was also amazing but I just couldn’t stop thinking about Japan! On October 21st we set off from Amsterdam airport, had a 1 hour lay over in Istanbul and then arrived in Osaka 11 hours later. In┬ábeautiful Osaka, we explored the busy streets of the city, the beautiful temples and castle and had our first taste of traditional Japanese food. I vlogged our whole time in Osaka which I would love to share with you and you can see below ­čÖé

The next vlogs that I’ll be uploading are Kyoto and then Tokyo, so keep your eye out for them!

Osaka is such a wonderful city that I would recommend to anyone. Please let me know if you want to know anymore about what we did whilst we were there.